What is Archery Shoot?

Welcome to Archery Shoot. It is an exciting game where people shoot arrows at one another. It is a fun game of Survival, where you have to avoid being shot. Archery Shoot is similar to paintball, and dodgeball, only more thrilling because it is more primal. This is Taiwan’s Hunger games. It is the ultimate fun for friends and family. Purchase tickets here!

How is the game played?

There are 2 opposing teams. Each person gets a bow and arrows. Your goal is to shoot the opposing team, before you get shot! You can choose a game for 10 people: (5 vs 5), 8 people (4 vs 4), or 6 people (3 vs 3). You should wear a long sleeved top or shirt.

How safe is Archery Shoot?

This game concept was developed in the US in 2011, and has been played safely in US, Europe, Japan, HK and over 30 countries. It uses a soft tipped arrow, so you do not have to worry. Like many fun sports, you can feel confident wearing safety equipment and a face mask.

Who can play?

You do not need to know how to play archery. You do not need to be strong. Archery shoot is a fun game for beginners or anyone. Archery shoot is for girls and guys of all ages from 14 and over. It’s perfect for friends, families, corporate events or birthdays. If you have any special needs or event, email us with the details, and we can arrange a customized event for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Other information

Insurance will only be provided if you provide all your player’s details at least 2 weeks before your game. Details to follow soon.
We suggest you wear a long sleeved top or shirt.
Archery Shoot makes archery accessible and fun for all. Tell your friends and join in on the experience of this new social phenomenon!

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